Sew grain pillow for the neck ars textura – DIY blog

Sewing grain pillow for the neck with instructions and free sewing pattern – a great DIY gift for Christmas # grain pillow # sewing pattern # diy gift

Instructions for WASHING RAG / Dishcloth for BEGINNERS image 7

Sustainable & beautiful: Sew the dishcloth yourself # sewing Christmas Sew the dishcloth yourself

Konen yarn, knitting machine yarn, crochet yarn

Free knitting patterns and crochet patterns by DROPS Design

Crochet cleaning sponge / do it myself Now that I am making my cleaner for the kitchen myself (simply make orange cleaner myself), I don't want to buy any cleaning sponges anymore and avoid more plastic. #plastic free #sustainability #environment

Dishcloths are simply practical and can be knitted from cotton scraps quickly and easily. Here comes our knitting instructions! Continue reading

Knitted Tea Towels: A Guide for Danish S – Small Balcony Ideas, # Instructions #Balkon # Danish #a # for …

Instructions knitting socks step by step – #KnittingTechniquesAdvanced #KnittingTechniquesGauges #KnittingTechniquesTools

This toy hideaway bag is the perfect DIY for beginner knitters. It is such an easy knitting project made from only one knit square.


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